Start with a Plan(ner)

Congratulations!! You’re engaged!

You’ve taken some time to let that all sink in and enjoy that newly engaged euphoria.

You're starting to think about the date you’d like to get married and maybe even where. You can have a quick engagement or take time with your wedding planning. But, whether or not your venue requires one, it’s time to call and hire a quality wedding planner.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a wedding day!!

I am definitely a live and learn person, but weddings are one of the few life experiences that you have to learn from the experience of others. You don’t get a practice run, or a second chance. That’s why I am sharing my knowledge with you - starting with professional wedding planners.

A professional planner will be with you for every step along the way including making sure things go well on your wedding day. They will always have their own extensive list of professional and trusted vendors and can be an asset to other vendors that may not be familiar with the area or venue.

A professional planner will know the pace of a wedding day and will move things along so that the timeline is followed and you, your love, and your guests know what to expect so you can relax into your day. They often do things like help you review and negotiate vendor and hotel contracts, take the reins at your rehearsal, organize the chaos of the ceremony on your wedding day, and often help with many other wedding day activities.

I have had couples ask what a wedding planner charges and although that’s a consideration, I find Sara Kite of the Faded Poppy puts it best: “Why should a couple hire a wedding planner? - Budget and experience are the two most important reasons to hire a professional team. A planner knows the costs of weddings and will help match you both to the appropriate venue and vendors. Their experience ensures the process of planning and your wedding day are stress free and is as amazing as you imagine it to be.”

Check out our new page of preferred vendors to find a list of local planners!

Happy Planning,