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Prior to requesting a tour, please review our available dates and confirm that our rental fee is a match for your total wedding budget.

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Please scroll up and click on "dates" to see availability PLEASE NOTE - Indicating a date above does NOT mean that we are reserving that date for you. It just helps us identify if you have picked a date that we are currently booked for and in that case we would let you know prior to scheduling a tour. DATES ARE BOOKED ON A FIRST CONTRACT REQUEST BASIS. It is possible that your preferred date may book prior to your scheduled tour. Please check the website for updated availability.
In the wedding planning process it's important to have a handle on your budget and your number of guests PRIOR to selecting a venue. Our pricing doesn't change based on your budget. We just want to make sure the total investment is part of the conversation so that we can recommend vendors that may be a good match should you choose Stelle Rose at Staunton Station for your big day and that expectations are realistic.
We welcome you to bring a group of up to 10 people to the tour. We just ask that everyone stay together as a group so we can effectively answer questions. We also ask that you bring anyone that needs to see the venue before a contract is signed to the initial tour. Instead of hosting second tours, we welcome those who are unable to attend the first tour to attend one of our monthly open houses. Thanks!
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