Wedding Professionals

We encourage you to think about the wedding professionals that you hire, as a team. Teams are best when they are professional and have worked together in the past. Your wedding day should be about your joy and love - and true wedding professionals will keep the spotlight on you. Although we can not guarantee your experience with any of these professionals, this is who we love in each of these categories right now. We are happy to answer any questions and give any insight as you make these decisions.

This is not an exclusive list.
You may hire your favorite professionals
as long as they qualify under our requirements.
Ask us on your tour and we’ll take it on together.

Planners and Coordinators

Professional wedding planners and coordinators work with you to make your wedding day a true refection of your love. They are ready to assist you with everything from attire, to ceremony and reception venues, music, and food. A good planner will make sure all the professionals are making things happen when they should be in your agreed on timeline and take care of things if something goes awry. She/he will also intercede on your behalf - because they have worked with you and know what you expect - so you can relax and enjoy your day.


Hiring a professional photographer that is familiar and comfortable with the timing and pace of a wedding day, will ensure your day is covered to your specifications. There is only one time to capture these moments so hiring a photographer that is known for being well prepare, brings a second person with them to get more images, and does their own editing is an important decision. Their websites and blogs are a great chance for you to check out if they are a good match for your style.


One of the biggest aspects of your day will be the food. Some couples get a bit of sticker shock when they make this call, but remember to ask what they include in their rate, the quality of food served, and what clean up is included in their services. Some also include linens, dishes and glassware which takes the worry of selection, delivery and returning rentals - out of your hands.


Flowers can make a grand impact on your day or be a complementing accent. Make note of where you want the greatest floral impact and let the rest of the budget fall into place. Professional florists will be able to see and execute your vision while knowing how to make the most of your budget by using flowers that are in season.

Sophisticated Spring Florals by Honey Bees

Sophisticated Spring Florals by Honey Bees



Notice we didn’t say wedding cake. As with so many aspects of your day, it can be traditional or innovative. Traditional wedding cake isn’t the only option. Desert tables can be filled with cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, chocolates, parfaits, or traditional cake… or any combination of them! We’ve even seen macaroons stacked into the shape of a cake!! We love each of the bakeries on this list for different reasons as they have different styles and tastes.

Photo by Paris Cake Co.

Photo by Paris Cake Co.